August 23, 2015 – Reconciliation Saves

By John Ormond on August 25, 2014

Sermon: “Reconciliation Saves”
Test: Romans 5:10 & 11
Thesis: Reconciliation Is Life Giving.

I. Freely Forgive One Another Just As Christ Forgave You.
A. This begins with kindness and compassion.
B. Forgiveness is our best means of being like God.

II. Address The Situation, But Protect The Relationship.
A. There are times confrontation is necessary.
B. But the relationship should not be sacrificed.

III. Love People.
A. People are God’s best and most loved work.
B. It all comes down to real love.

Conclusion: Friends, reconciliation is ongoing for us all. We are all taking advantage of that which is offered to us through Christ. And we are urged to show this to our fellow man. We have all needed it in our lives. Now we are urged by our Lord to show it to others as well. Now we have our answer. We know how to keep the peace with the body as conflicts happen. God grant us the strength to handle it as God has shared with us from the Word.

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